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This time of year can be rough on allergies. In our practice we like to use aromatherapy to allow the client relief from the tension that allergies can cause on the sinuses, neck, face, shoulders and scalp muscles with deep tissue and a dot of essential oil. We only use a dot because a little goes a longs way with essential oils.
At home keep your house as dust free as possible and make sure you use a spray to keep the nasal passages clean and clear. During a warm shower use sea salt and a drop of peppermint in your shower to open passages, making sure not to get near the eyes.
Foods that help with allergies are goats milk keifer and goats milk yogurt, both of which will dry up any mucous caused by the allergen. One of the other added benefits we see with goats milk products is weight loss because it's assisting with inflammation.
Taking a digestive enzyme also aids in allergies by allowing the body's immune system to fight off the allergen. We started this some time ago and has proved very successful in animals and humans.
So the next time your allergies both you schedule a massage to stimulate the immune system and provide the much needed rest your body needs.
Yours in health,
Dr. Velvete