Winter Time Blues
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Winter Time Blues

We've all heard about seasonal depression or the blues, but have you heard that massage helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain which reduces such states of being?
Massage helps in to increase many of the necessary chemicals in our bodies that aid in balance and well being.  The winter months can be tough on folks that are used to getting out and doing all the time, but truly winter is about going within. It's a time to break from our regular routines and give ourselves those needed breaks to increase awareness and to re-energize the soul.
You can even apply a few simple techniques at home to start receiving the benefits of increase circulation and well being. First, if you have a skin brush start with your finger tips and move up towards the heart with a quick brush. Increasing the skin circulation aids in riding the body of toxins that keep the skin from breathing. Yes, your skin breaths.
Also, taking those long evening soaks will aid in well being, just make sure the water is not too hot. Hot water can increase the risk of having a seasonal cold or flu. Luke warm is the best to start off with then increase the temp once your body has accumulated to the water. Add Epsom salt to increase the benefits.
Drink plenty of water and herbal teas this time of year. Also journaling helps the soul to focus and find a new way of looking at things. So when down grab that pen and paper. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts go for a walk and give thanks for everything that you see. Look up at the sky and give gratitude for the sun and breeze.
Well being begins with the "being".