Grief and Joy
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Grief and Joy

Christmas special, mistletoe
Upon my meditation and reflection this morning I was drawn to think about how we are so interconnected to everything and everyone in life. This connection is the way that we are both able to give and receive gifts from each other.
This morning I thought about how I can stay open to my community and a better way to stay humble while giving to others.  During the holiday seasons there are people that are lonely, there are people hungry and there are some people that just need love, light and a gentle touch to know they are safe and secure. Of course when we give people food we feel this is the best way to give them a sense of security, that everything is going to be okay. But what about the person that is unable to eat for one reason or another?
Touch is extremely important in opening the creative mind and allowing the natural light that dwells in each of us to rise up and shine.
This Christmas holiday don't let mistletoe be your excuse to hug someone, do it from the heart.  Allow your heart to grieve WITH another and find joy together.
As I've said in other written material before, "until we are able to experience grief or sadness true joy can't be felt." Many people ask me why I say this and the answer is's because to understand what real and true joy feels like we must know the opposite in order to better understand and appreciate it.
Just like a mother giving birth to her child goes into labor with all kinds of thoughts, sometimes deep pain. But as the mother continues to push through what seems uncomfortable at the time there is great rejoicing and a sort of liberation that occurs once the child is born.
Thank you for making this the best holiday ever by just letting others know you love them.
Yours truly,
Dr. Velvete