A Gift of Touch
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A Gift of Touch

A Gift of Touch
“Restoring Balance with Touch”
One stage of grief – or the process of healing from losing someone we love, is the profound pain caused by missing the touch, sight, sound, and feel of the person.  We miss his or her touch.  Each person we know affects our senses.  When we love someone it’s partially the physical impact that the person has on our senses that creates what we refer to as chemistry and often love.  This doesn’t apply just to romantic relationships.  The sight, sound, touch – all our physical senses are affected in a certain way by each person we know.  When the way they affect us feels good, we tend to call the feeling love.
Massage therapy can help diminish the feelings of empty space and loneliness usually felt during the loss of a loved one. Massage can also help balance the need to grieve and the need to adapt to life after the loss of their relative.
If you know of someone that has lost a loved one to divorce or transtion please make every possible effort to provide touch.
Yours truly,
Dr. Velvete