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Sleep and Relaxation

Many Americans are not getting enough sleep. With the invention of the light bulb we have grown accustomed to staying up later and later burning the midnight oil, but the only oil that is burning is our own.
When we don't get enough sleep we burn up essential fatty acids that are necessary for proper function of our brain and body. Lubrication is important!
During my stressful years as a marketing director I discovered a home remedy that was my ticket to a restful, peaceful night. However, it contained vinegar and this became to acidic for my mouth and stomach.  However, I learned that there was one ingredient that proved to be worth its weight in gold.....HONEY!
Honey not only is healing to our stomaches but also aids in sleep. I am very careful with the amount of sugar I take into my diet everyday so a little goes a long way.
When I find it difficult to go to sleep or just when I know I want to add a little boost I just take a little honey on a spoon and it does the trick.
Be smart about the amount!