Happy Thanksgiving
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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Holiday!
The holidays can be very stressful but they don't have to be. Remember to eat light and not over stuff yourself, there is always another day, another hour or another holiday to enjoy more. Remember to get plenty of exercise, like taking a walk or playing yard football with the kiddos. Remember to drink plenty of water, this helps to keep your body balanced as you go about your day.
Everyone has their issues, no one family is immune in not having at least one relative that rubs them the wrong way, but this year try to show more compassion for this particular family member. Remember we don't always know why a person may act or feel the way they do, we don't know their baggage.  Allowing another person to upset you is giving power away. When this happens we can feel it in our shoulders, legs, arms, and neck. So take in a few deep breaths and relax whenever you find yourself become stressed.
Now we will be closed for the holiday starting the 22nd and will be returning the 27th. So please feel free to schedule your relaxation massage online to make life simple again.
Enjoy your holiday!
Love, Dr. Velvete