Stress and Weight Issues
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Stress and Weight Issues

Science has been able to prove that stress is one of the greatest factors in weight gain. Stress reduces the serotonin levels in our brain. When serotonin levels decline there is more desire in a persons life that can lead to depression and obsessions.
Serotonin is produced in both the brain and in the intestines.  We must understand the unitity of the bowels and brain if we are going to live long and happy lives. Symbolically we can see how our thoughts can either create either a toxic environment or a life of balance and well-being.
When a person begins to experience stress over a long duration of time then the pituitary gland must work overtime in keeping all the hormones in balance and check. When the pituitary gland becomes stressed the release of proper blood and body chemicals decline, hence, making it harder for the body to rid itself of toxins and will begin to place toxins within fat cells to isolate the torture of imbalance.
Massage can help!!!! By reducing stress via touch the body welcomes the pleasure of relaxation and stress reduction. The body, brain connection is able to unit as a team once more in releasing chemicals that assist an individual in feeling good, feeling complete, and feeling relaxed, thus allowing for serotonin levels to increase.
Increased serotonin aids in digestion; which helps in weight loss, aids in sleep, aids in increasing the immune system; healthy gut and brain equals healthy everything else.
And if you doubt that your relationships are not a direct reflection of the level of serotonin in your body just look around to see how healthy your relationships are, this relationship would also include the one with yourself.
Healthy touch is important to provide healthy brain/bowel chemistry as well as reduce obesity.  To book your healthy touch massage today just click here.