Welcome to my studio!!!!
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Fire & Ice, Loving Life

Welcome to my studio!!!!

Why do I call it my studio? Well..... I truly believe that the art of massage is just that, ART. With that said, I thought how perfect it would be to call it my studio where I get to perform art each and everyday.
As an artist I have found that our creative energy desires to move through us to express itself on a daily basis. When we are not able to, or don't allow it to move through us then energy becomes stagnate and imbalances can and do occur.
One of the many reasons that I practice all forms of art is to allow this creative force that animates all life to find expression and to bring its benefits to those that have the wonderful opportunity to come in contact with it. That is why in my studio you'll find original paintings by me as well as some of the music I have composed over the years.
I believe touch helps to restore our balanced and natural state of being, that is why I tailor every massage to meet the needs of the client. 
We are currently remodeling our studio and hope that you will schedule an appointment through our scheduler for our upcoming grand opening.  We will be open for business 11/11/11 at 11am. So book now to experience the art of massage.
Yours very truly,
Dr. Velvete