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Fire & Ice, Loving Life

Hug it out!

When was the last time that you gave someone a hug?
When was the last time that you received a hug?

If you need to think about the answer to either question...It has been too long!

Hugs make you feel warm and cozy, but they have health benefits as well. 

Here are just some of the benefits to giving and receiving hugs. 

1. The nurturing touch of a hug builds trust and a sense of safety. This helps with open and honest communication.

2. Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger.

Plant and Rake Without the Ache

The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, and many of us have begun to work outside in our gardens again. The earth is alive with the sights, smells, and foods of Spring & Summer! You can see the beauty everywhere as we busy ourselves planting fruits, veggies, and flowers.  Regardless of what you have growing in your garden, the physical pain and discomfort which accompanies such hard work is almost inevitable.

Here are some tips to help: 
 1. Gardening is exercise. Make sure to stand and stretch often while working in your garden and after you have finished.


What is Kombucha? 

Dr. Velvete taught a workshop in the clinic last month to teach us the benefits of this healthy, antioxidant drink. We even learned how to make our own at home!

Here are just some of the highlights...

* Kombucha is a tea that has gone through a process of fermentation. 
* Kombucha is antioxidant rich and is beneficial for gut health, joint health, immunity, and detoxification.
* The Chinese refer to Kombucha as the “Immortal Health Elixer” and the benefits of this drink have been known for over 2,000 years.

Reflexology for Allergies

What are allergies?

Allergies are the overreaction of your immune system to pollens and some other substances. Maybe you have noticed that if you are under a stress when the allergy season comes, the symptoms can worsen.

Reflexology can calm your nervous system and relax the body by stimulating the reflex points on your feet. Did you know that there are 15,000 nerves in your feet alone! This is the reason why the reflexology session is very nurturing and soothing, that will leave you feeling energized and clear.


Our month of detoxification comes full circle with the latest edition of KETR's Blacklands Cafe. In this important discussion, Dr. Velvete and John Mark Dempsey talk about why detoxing is important and they take time to discuss the vital part that detoxing the liver has to play in the process.

You'll notice in the interview that Dr. Velvete contracts a case of the giggles and as a result has difficulty saying the word "Cruciferous". The beautiful thing is that this gives us an opportunity to share with you that laughter can be a beautiful way to detox!

The Benefits of Meditation

When was the last time that you detoxed your mind? 

In an age of modern living we are inundated with many distractions. Things such as social media, 24 hour cable news, and a a cell phone which allows people to reach us at any hour of every day are wonderful advancements in technology that we all enjoy, but on occasion we need to take a moment of silence to breathe and be still. 

Meditation is a wonderful, healthy tool that assists in this silence. No, meditation does not necessarily mean that you burn candles and sit cross legged on the floor.

Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth?
Diatomaceous earth is a remarkable, all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants. It is a naturally occurring siliceous sedimentary mineral compound from microscopic skeletal remains of unicellular algae-like plants called diatoms.
These plants have been part of the earth’s ecology since prehistoric times. It is believed that 30 million years ago the diatoms built up into deep, chalky deposits of diatomite.
The diatoms are mined and ground up to render a powder that looks and feels like talcum powder.

Sugar and the Immune System

Sugar and the Immune System

A recent article in Prevention Magazine looked into habits that can harm your immune system.  Some of the habits mentioned included stress, lack of rest, and eating too much junk food which is high in sugar.  In our fast paced society we often don't take the time needed to nourish ourselves properly which leaves us feeling tired and stressed so we look to sugary treats as a reward.  It isn't a coincidence that these all these habits tie together and in the end have a detrimental affect on our health.

A Foundation of Nourishment

This is the final week of hints and tips to lay the foundation for our year of nourishment. Make sure to look over your calendar for the week and schedule times to care for yourself this week.

Today we want you to scroll back through and reflect on the various ideas that were shared during the month. What feels good to you and what do you feel would make a drastic impact when applied to your life in the coming year? Taking time for yourself is up to you. You have complete power to make the change.

Nourish through Reflexology

Nourish through Reflexology

Did you know that you can find deep relaxation, nourishment, and balance through reflexology? Most everything that you feel, stress, migraines, discomfort, and even allergies, can be helped with when you nourish the body through reflexology.

As an example, here is how stress is affected through reflexology. Reflexology allows deep relaxation through its ability to calm down the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and to assist the parasympathetic nervous system (resting, maintenance and nourishment of the body) to function more efficiently.