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Fire and Ice - Massage by Velvete "Healing is Within"

 Fire & Ice
Enhancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

 Services and Fees


Swedish or Deep Tissue 
30 minutes ~ $40
50 minutes ~ $65
80 minutes ~ $85

Hot Stone 
50 minutes ~ $85
80 minutes ~ $105


30 minutes ~ $40
50 minutes ~ $65

Detox Treatment $95
50 minute massage
 with paraffin to hands, and 
charcoal to feet


Mini Facial $35
Cleansing, Exfoliation, Facial Massage, and Toner. 
Includes Hot Towels.

Basic Facial $50
Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mask, Facial Massage, and Toner.
Includes Hot Towels and Paraffin to Hands.

Deluxe Facial $70
Cleansing, Exfoliation,Choice of Mask, Facial Massage, and Toner.
Includes Hot Towels, Hot Stones to Face, and Paraffin to Hands.

$20 additional Per Session

Additional Menu Items:

Foot Sugar Scrub $15
Back Sugar Scrub $15
Paraffin Wax $20 for both hands or both feet, $30 for all(both hands and both feet) 

Easy the mind, body and soul meditation
Deep Tissue Massage-
Targets the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue and is beneficial for those experiencing chronic pain and tension. This treatment is most effective when done with regularity.
River Stone Massage Therapy massage therapy
Hot Stone Massage-
Get the full benefit of a deep tissue massage while allowing the heat to do all the work.  This is an excellent choice for   those that cannot tolerate deeper work.
Trigger Point Therapy
Utilizing skilled touch to apply pressure to specific points or locations on the body that will allow the deep tissue of the muscle to release. This deep pressure on the muscle allows for a good blood flow to enter, while pushing out toxins and waste that are causing the build up of lactic acid and/or additional toxins that are currently stuck within the muscle or muscle group.

Prenatal Massage posnatalPrenatal Massage-
Allow yourself to experience relaxation and increased mobility while allowing the gentle touch of massage to help ease the tension of pregnancy.

Get a Bamboo Massage Today
Using specific pressure points on the feet and/or hands to increase stress reduction and flexibility. This is a 50 minute session with special attention to the reflex points.

Sugar scrub benefits skins salt scrub
Package of 4 (one hour sessions)