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Fire and Ice - Massage by Velvete "Healing is Within"

Welcome to Fire & Ice
A Luxury Spa Experience Close to Home

What to expect during your session

Each session includes:
  • Complementary hot towels
  • Complimentary pain relief gel, if needed to assist muscle tension or pain
  • Light aromatherapy that adds to the experience, but is never overwhelming
  • Heated blankets, as well as table warmers for those cooler temperatures
  • Soothing music to set the atmosphere and aid in relaxation
  • Complimentary bottled water and mints
  • and most of all, therapists that care!!!!!

Because we want EVERYONE to have a pleasant experience here at Fire & Ice, we ask that you please refrain from smoking or wearing heavy body sprays prior to your sessions
The therapists appreciate your cooperation. 

Thank you for allowing Fire & Ice to be a part of your Wellness Team!